13 years of drug abuse and addiction

Finding the right motivation to end addiction and substance abuse isn’t as easy as it sounds. I went into rehab four times fighting to get my life back. I know I have a lot of life experiences from which others can learn to overcome their addictions.

I literally had to force myself to recognize that I had a problem with drug addiction and substance abuse. Alcohol, marijuana, medicine, pain killers, cocaine, these were my vices. Over the length of 13 years, I lost everything because of the hold my addiction had on me. Rehab taught me how to stay sober and clean.

One headache opened the door to my addiction.  Divulging how it took me four trips to rehab before I felt like myself again could help other addicts in their journey to recovery.  I want to travel the world and share my knowledge about drug addiction and substance abuse. Inform people on how to stop addiction or even prevent it. I hope to inspire recovery for those who need it. The experiences I speak about are meaningful motivational messages.

Martin Bodker Fritzen

Martin Bodker Fritzen


I have been a motivational speaker at high schools and at universities and for other organizations since 2012. As a motivational speaker I share my experiences and my knowledge about alcohol, drugs, substance misuse and addiction. I almost died from a toxic mixture of 40-60 pills, along with marijuana, alcohol, amphetamines and cocaine that I took several times a day. I travel and give motivational words on topics such as drug awareness, drug dependence, drug facts, drug withdrawal, marijuana addiction, substance abuse, and much more.

I am speaking in English, and I travel all over the world to share my knowledge and help others. Contact me here for more info or book me as a motivational speaker.

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