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How my relapse were

This was how my relapse were Me, Martin Bodker Fritzen I'm a little afraid to portray myself as "perfect”, as if I managed 13 years with misuse and treatment in one go. I want to describe all the different experiences, where things have not worked out for me. I had, as I have written several places, a daily abuse of drugs and pills, medicine and other substances, from the age of 18 tile I was 33. I was deeply dependent, and all the rituals, habits and feelings in my life, were interwoven with my addictions. Just like [...]

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How I became drug free

My way out of addiction and substance misuse and how I became drug free This is how I became drug free. How I broke free from my addiction. How I overcame withdrawal symptoms. How I became free. For 13 long years (from 1995 – 2009) I was heavily addicted to pills, drugs, and alcohol. When the abuse was at its peak, I took daily doses of a toxic mixture of 40-60 pills, alcohol, amphetamines and cocaine. It is a miracle that I am alive and well. Please note, that I am aware that the following are all my personal experiences [...]

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Why I was an addict

This is why I was an addict Martin Bodker Fritzen "STOP NOW, MARTIN!!  Why don't you just stop?" We are standing in our toilet in our apartment, and my girlfriend has caught me taking amphetamines and eating a couple of painkillers. I have promised her many times that I would stop, but I can't handle it. She sits disheartened on the toilet and whispers: "I can't anymore. I can't anymore, Martin". Tears role slowly down her cheek, and black mascara lines are drawn on her skin. It's a beautiful spring day in May .The suns rays warm [...]

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My road away from addiction

How I found my road - away from addiction I tried to get out of my pill and drug abuse on several occasions, and on my fourth attempt I succeeded. From the age of 19 til I was 33, I was consuming between 30 to 60 pills daily, also taking medicine and drugs. Primarily Kodimagnyl, Codeine, Nobligan, Ketogan, Amphetamine and Cocaine. First attempt: 2004 in connection with my doctor. Me, at work in Salt Lake City, just before my last treatment in 2008 My first attempt was in 2004, when I was living alone in Glostrup. I [...]

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My road to addiction, how I became a drug addict

My journey into addiction was easy and it took me by surprise, how I became a drug addict Martin Bodker Fritzen Me! Being an addict!? It took me more than five years, before I understood that it was wrong to consume alcohol, cocaine, amphetamine and painkillers in the amounts I was doing. I grew up in a small provincial town with 900 inhabitants in North Zealand, Denmark. The town had a petrol station, a supermarket, a butcher, a church, school and sports club. I was born in 1976. One year later, my parents got divorced, and I mainly [...]

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How I used drugs at work

This is how I used drugs at work "I just have to go to the bathroom, and then I'm ready," I say to colleagues. I hear my mind nag me when I tell lies to my colleagues. Yet, at the same time the addiction has a strong hold on me, creating thoughts focused on one thing: to go to the bathroom and take a "bomb" of amphetamines and two Nobligans. Then I could survive my next meeting. It's January of 2007. I'm employed as a media consultant for Eniro Denmark, one of the biggest media companies in the country. My [...]

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