How I overcame 13 years of drug abuse and addiction

Overcoming an obstacle such as addiction can be a hard feat. Unlike many other people who have successfully came out of such a situation as addiction, I am here to share my story. Not only my story but my struggles, losses, and achievements. I hope to inspire others to recover. My experiences that I speak about are very motivational.

As an addict in recovery, I believe I have a unique perspective on the seriousness of addiction. As well as how to inspire others to reach out for help and mean it. I lived with my addiction and I am alive to tell how I have come through this major life struggle.

I forced myself to recognize that I had a problem. I had a problem with alcohol, marijuana, medicine, pain killers, cocaine and much more. Over the span of 13 years, I accepted offers for help and I made it through a rehab program. This program helped me to get sober and clean, and it also taught me how to stay sober and clean. Life is more fulfilling now. I know longer go day to day on autopilot looking for the next hit or fix.

From Drug Addict to Role Model: How I overcame 13 years of drug abuse and addiction [Kindle Edition] Martin Bødker Fritzen (Author)

From Drug Addict to Role Model: How I overcame 13 years of drug abuse and addiction [Kindle Edition]Martin Bødker Fritzen (Author)

“How I overcame 13 years of drug abuse and addiction”

My motivational speeches are usually focused around my story.  I was heavily dependent on drugs from 1995 to 2009. When the abuse was at its peak, I took a toxic mixture of 40-60 pills, marijuana, alcohol, amphetamines and cocaine every day. I was completely consumed by the drugs. I betrayed my family and friends to finance my drug dependence. I‘ve even been fired from several different jobs for stealing from them as well. I’ve been arrested. Almost dying from my alcoholism, cannabis addiction, cocaine addiction, drug addiction should be enough to snap anyone out of it.

I lost everything that was important to me because of the hold my addiction had on me. My new purpose in life is to reveal how a simple headache guided me down a slippery slope known as my addiction, and how it took four trips to rehab over several years to get my life back. I fought hard to get my life back. And now my mission is to travel the world, and become a motivational speaker. Where I share my story, and knowledge about drug addiction and substance abuse. How to stop addiction or even avoid it.

I am speaking in English, and I travel all over the world to share my knowledge and help others. Contact me here for more info or book me as a motivational speaker.

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