How I overcame 13 years of drug abuse and addiction

Sobriety can seem like the tallest mountain in the universe to climb when you’re struggling with drug addiction. I know this for myself as I struggled with my addiction for 13 years. However, recovery is never impossible. No matter how hopeless or how miserable your situation may be, don’t give up. With the right support system you can conquer your addiction by addressing the core foundation of your addiction. How I overcame 13 years of drug abuse and addiction, may help you in your battles.

Stay focused and don’t give up, even if you’ve tried and failed before. It to me four tries at rehab before I felt like myself, before I got my life back.

I know I have a lot of life experiences from which others can learn. The toughest step on the way to recovery is first deciding to make a change. It’s absolutely normal to feel at odds or confused about giving up your drug dependence, even when you realize it’s causing problems in your life.

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I had to realize that I had a problem with my drug addiction.  I was an alcoholic who abused marijuana, medicine, pain killers, and cocaine much more. Over the span of 13 years, the hold my addiction had on me caused me to loose everything. Thankfully, rehab taught me how to stay sober and clean.

Let’s not forget that recovering from addiction is a long process. A long process that requires time, commitment, incentive, and support. You have to remain motivated and I dedicated. This is why I reach out and tell my story.

I have been a motivational speaker since 2012. I share my story and experiences about alcohol, drugs, substance misuse and addiction. I almost died on several different occasions because of addiction. Nevertheless, I now travel and give important and motivational words on topics such as drug awareness, drug dependence, drug facts, drug withdrawal, marijuana addiction, substance abuse, and much more.

At my Motivational talks I cover:

  • alcoholism
  • cannabis addiction
  • cocaine addiction
  • marijuana addiction
  • drug awareness
  • drug dependence
  • drug facts
  • drug withdrawal
  • how to stop addiction
  • How to avoid Addiction

In addition to helping others with this struggle, I also want to inform people on how to stop addiction. I hope to inspire recovery for those who need and want it. Addiction affects your whole life. This means your relationships, family, career, health, and mental well-being.

I am speaking in English, and I travel all over the world to share my knowledge and help others. Contact me here for more info or book me as a motivational speaker.

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