How to overcome withdrawal symptoms: Emotions

This I the second element in the Healing process when overcoming withdrawal symptoms.

Our human emotions are mixed together with the other three points of the healing process. The explanation simply being that a person is drawn to drugs due to emotionally charged issues: these issues could be to suppress stress and anxiety or even anger, or perhaps a person prefers to swap inner thoughts of despair with feelings of elation and happiness, either way, drug abuse is impacted by a person’s emotional responses to issues. Occasionally someone may desire to be indifferent.

The usage of drugs are very closely connected to our feelings and emotions, similar to rehabilitation and “clean time”. When it comes to rehabilitation process and starting to get clean, you go through emotions like anger, anxiousness, jealousy, and self-doubt and so on. As all these emotions start to surface, people are left without drugs to manage or suppress these emotions. Good emotions also surface, establishing true feelings of happiness, love and elation.


All of these emotions may feel overwhelming when dealing with withdrawal symptoms and the clean process; for that reason the emotional aspect of this process is important. My goal is to experience anger, anxiety and joy-be in the center of it, and interact naturally to the emotions without becoming overwhelmed.

To fully experience the feeling and emotion , as well as perceive it as it stands right then , without dilution or any filtering-is what I strive for: for this reason I exercise the preceding elements to realize that . I nothing in my life is more important than, to staying clean and drug free. I practice every necessary steps to accomplish this. I believe it’s vital that you recognize that emotions and feelings which, formerly were challenging to contain, surface again. Likewise do good feelings resurface, that is why you should not lose hope. To confide in other people about these emotions help a lot. I realized that when I focused on a single emotion, the less complicated it was to handle.

The physical abuse of my mother when I was a child has left deep scars within my psyche. Starting when encountering drunk, unruly, noisy, hostile or controlling men. I grew to become afraid and would vanish. Even at 30 years old, I would actively avoid any boisterous men on a Friday night, grouped on the street on my path. It’s not useful for a man to be that scared, which only improved once I began to reflect and discuss tithe other initiatives talked about, heightened my self confidence and self-esteem, as well as my perspective on life.

This predicament was unsafe for me, since my fear was only sedated by drugs, my disillusionment could only be diminished by the pills. I had to work hard to restore equilibrium in entire body, mind and life force. The psychological realms are essential dimensions, when dealing with withdrawal symptoms, throughout the rehabilitation and “clean time” process. I deal with my emotions, by talking about them to family and Friends, therapists, the nurse, the priest, as well as to write them down.

The moment I express an emotion, it is decreased in size, and therefore simpler to manage. It’s essential, since drug addiction is linked with feelings and emotions; a significant matter to concentrate on. This narrative was the pathway throughout my rehabilitation and the first clean-time.

The process of overcoming withdrawal symptoms, rehabilitation and staying clean, Is a persistent domino of actions you must follow faithfully until it’s no longer just a process but a way of life.


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