How to overcome withdrawal symptoms: The Social aspect

This I the third element in the Healing process when overcoming withdrawal symptoms. Many make use of NA and AA, I don’t, however for those that do, it’s good, indeed they ought to engage in the tithe complete process. It brought me closer to my siblings, and friends and family, every one of these people could ease my social needs, which I was needed to be satisfied.

In the past I have written that one may want to surround oneself with former drug users in the first phase of rehabilitation, because they share the same inner fire and energy which is required in the transition period, from addiction to clean. The experience of being with others, laughing, consoled, sharing love, encounter togetherness, unity, is in mankind. It’s something which is hidden in us.


In the early stages of the rehabilitation process, I remember that I was enriched by simply sitting at the library, and “feeling” feeling together with other folks, without me being required to do anything. To visit church, or even the pool, or simply watch live sports at a stadium, wherein I didn’t have to be directly involved in a discussion or social interaction, was enriching.

There is no question where I’m concerned, that being around other people, benefits those in rehabilitation and their efforts in the first “clean-time” period. On top of that, it benefits some other elements of life.

To review social interactions as a whole, I believe anybody can eliminate numerous issues, in preparation. Furthermore to identify good quality, positive, and useful resource empowered people, within the early stages of the treatment process.

It turned out to be a whole new experience for me personally, me needing to speak to somebody, to simply ask if I could visit for coffee. It helped me substantially once I was engaging socially, and I came to the realization that they will be there for me, in the event that I needed it. It’s challenging to handle, in the middle of the night with withdrawal symptoms, vomiting and loneliness.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to remain in the company of other people. It great to give and get love in an unselfish and positive way. This triggers neurotransmitters in the brain as described in the article “The Physical”. These neurotransmitters are great and beneficial for the process. Simultaneously, socializing with the right people can enhance ones self-confidence and happiness, even more in relation to being with other people.

Learning how to ask for support and assistance aids us physically and emotionally. It is vitally important to have healthy social relationships. It’s all related and interweaved that way. There are numerous different  methods of rehabilitation, and it end results.

I write what has helped and what has worked for me on my journey. And I do it in hopes of helping anyone who needs it and wants it. The healing process is a path which leads us where ever we want it to go.


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