Statements about Martin Fritzen

… “Martin spoke at our school. The motivational speech was very personal, well structured, and caught all the of the students’ attention from start to finish. The students all felt they each got something out of his story, which lead to subsequent conversations with the young people been based on some of the issues Martin talked about. Martin speaks in a way that everyone can understand. He is open and honest and speaks a language that captures the young. “By: Maria Schade 

… “Dear Martin, In my desperation to find out how to alleviate my withdrawal symptoms, I looked online and found your website. It was grim reading, but it was also instructive. Thank you for sharing both your good and bad life experiences with us. I wish you good luck as you spread the message that substances have harmful effects and not to mention, THANK YOU BECAUSE YOU OPENED MY EYES. MEDICINE SHOULD NOT HAVE POWER OVER MY LIFE!! “by: Anni

… “Dear Martin, Thank you for your feedback! I greatly appreciated it and it’s really constructive to hear from someone who has been in an abusive relationship – you provide the addict’s perspective, which was important for me. Many times people just need a new perspective on the situation, one that’s honest and direct  – and straight from the horse’s mouth. I must say that I think it is commendable and admirable that you make yourself available to strangers who ask for advice – you don’t find that very often. Keep up the good work! “ By: Stine

… “Martin visited Flemming School and delivered a powerful speech that captured all 200 students’ attention from start to finish. His personal story was told in a straightforward and honest manner, and it was clear that the students took his story and experience to heart. He called for a dialogue and many students wanted to ask questions and contribute. The speech gave rise to a lot of talk in the subsequent days and we have been very pleased with the visit. “By Andreas Wind, Flemming School

… “Hi Martin, I am happy that you have come out of your abuse. I think it’s very commendable that you share your experiences and help others out of their addictions. “By: Frank Jensen, Lord Mayor of Copenhagen (2014)

… “Hi Martin! It’s rare I write to people to thank them for things they post on the Internet, but I think you should know that after a year of cannabis use with 5-6 joints a day, I have finally stopped. Much of this is due to your website and especially the clip you posted where you talk about addiction and what can be done for withdrawal symptoms. Thanks for your help. You are doing a damn good job. “... By: Kasper

… “Martin is a great speaker! I had asked Martin if he would speak at my school for a school project, which he did. He has a touching and thought-provoking story to tell. He is exciting and alluring to listen to. “ By: Julie Enevoldsen, Zealand Business College Naestved

… “Dear Martin, It was extremely rewarding, both personally and professionally, to meet you. You are so vivid and brutally honest when talking about your experiences with addiction. Thanks for a great evening that inspired me to value honesty and openness, not to mention, encouraged me to talk about taboo topics”... by: Lea, open talk in Copenhagen 

… “Hi Martin, We thought it was super cool and very inspiring to hear you tell your story.  It’s certainly admirable to hear about the “turn-a-round” you’ve managed to accomplish. Good luck to you in the future 🙂 “- By: Fini and Christina, ISS Facility Services A / S

… “The speech you gave was really touching and scary. You awakened the whole gamut of emotions within me, both good and bad. It was good to hear the good stories too, it shows that there is a way out of the hell that addiction can be. I can use your story both professionally as a nurse and privately as ordinary person. The abuse unfortunately exists on multiple levels and all sorts – I wished more found their way out of addiction. Thanks for a great evening from both my mom and myself! “By: Mette Eriksen 

… “Dear Martin! It’s a great story you have. I have looked at your website and gotten a VERY positive impression. Your story will inspire many, and your strength will rub off and give others strength in their lives! I wish you luck and hope you have great success in life! “... By: Hardeep Dhanjal

… “Thank you for a wonderful and breathtaking speech. Martin talks frankly about his story and does so in a very intimate and touching way. There is food for thought and much of what Martin has experienced can be valuable for abusers of all types. I can only recommend that everyone hear Martin speak. Cheers from here – super well done Martin! “By Dorothy and Lars Kornerup

… “Hi Martin! The kids were happy to ask some of the difficult questions they sometimes struggle with. They felt safe and were interested in the subject. You hit the target we aimed for and got their full attention. We will be happy to welcome you next year. We thank you for your commitment and a positive experience “… By: Mia, a schoolteacher Taos Sports School

… “Hi Martin! I just want to say thank you to you for sharing your story with all of those who have come and read your page, including myself! What you have written about exercise and diet has inspired me to embark on a general diet modification and tonight I’m going to workout for the first time in 2 years. You have also inspired me to make a list on how I could get into a more athletic lifestyle and why it’s not good for me to drink. You have helped me by writing your story … thank you for it! “ By: Andrea

… “Dear Martin once again, thank you for your invaluable help. I can see on your site that many people are deeply grateful. It is so nice to read. Again, thanks for your great help. “ By: Kim, 

… “Hi Martin, Nice that you have become drug-free and that you supervise others. Keep up the good work! “ By: Henrik Rindom

… “Hi Martin, The students were very positive about your speech that followed with a discussion. Below are some of the students’ immediate reactions: – Really good, nice, cool, cool – Gave a realistic impression of what can happen when using drugs – Instructive, inspirational, opened up a “different world” – Good, open and honest talk – Not just a “wise” man – good storyteller, caught my attention – good power point, good with Susan (sister) angle “.by: Teacher, Søren Østergaard, Steno Memorial Gymnasium, Copenhagen  (Lecture / Workshop for 120 students from grade 8)

… “Hi Martin, Great you bothered to come and make presentations at our school. You had a relaxed and natural approach to the subject, without being judgmental or biased. It was obvious that the students listened to you, and we were successful when engaging them in a dialogue. Several of the students have expressed that they can better relate to a young man who tells his own story than an adult pointing his finger. “– By Emil, teacher, Absalon School 

… “From the student council: We are terribly impressed with your presentation. It was personal and honest. You were able to lay your cards on the table and talk about the consequences of your addiction without hiding anything. Therefore, we say a big thanks to you for coming. I’ve also been out to talk to the other students in the school and they were also very satisfied with your speech. They appreciated your honesty and “down to earth” tone. The students felt “safe” with you and felt you were 100% truthful. “ By: Clara, student body president (Lecture for 300 students at Nørresundby Gymnasium )

… “Hi Martin. I just got out of my own addiction and am about to get back on my feet. You were one of those people that got me to stop my addiction. It has been a very tough fight for me but all your advice helped me through it. I just wanted to say thank you! You’ve been a great help to me. “... By: Pernille

… “I am eternally grateful that you have created your page for people who feel the need to talk to someone who has little knowledge – however, while I am thankful that your website helped mw, I hope I never need your help again, if you know what I mean. “... By: Line

… “Dear Martin, Thank you for your website and our dialogue. I am grateful that you care and worry about me. I have great respect for people like you. You are a rare find. Thank you! “By: Michael

… “Hi Martin. Just for your information: I’m doing it!!!! I think the worst withdrawal symptoms are over now – thanks again because you bothered to spend time on me. I am sure that my husband likes his “new” woman better.”By Trine

  … “Hi Martin, I will once again say thank you a thousand times, for you have spent time on us. I hope to have amazing results, thanks to your advice. I will write to you again if I have some problems and think that you can help me. I commend you for your website and your way of conveying your story. Hope you make it through your training. You have shown, at least here on your website, that you have great skills this way. You are on the right track – good luck in the future. “... By: Hanne

  … “Hi Martin, Thank you because you have given your time and written back to me personally; it means a lot and thanks for “the talk,” I definitely needed it.  It is so nice to know that you are available and that things are making a little more sense now. I want to write to you and let you know how it goes. You are absolutely right that planning is a big part of it, so I will think carefully about the different things / items the next few days, and absorb as much from your blog as possible. Again, many thanks Martin! “By Line

… “Hi Martin, I am SO glad to have found your blog and especially to read the section on withdrawals. I have never taken drugs as such, but within the past year I began taking Kodipar pills very often. I will contact my doctor and addiction center, until then it is really good to read about experiences like yours, so thank you! “... By: Lone

… “Hi Martin. Thanks for the good speech. You’re good to involve the students in your story —  you talk, then you wait and listen to them – the personal stories work really well. It was great that you stayed afterwards and talked with the students. “By Mette, Flemming School (Lecture for 180 after school students from 9th and 10th grade)

… “Hi Martin, Right now I am on my 5th day clean after 15 years with hashish every day. I have searched and searched the web for advice for withdrawals—rather than actual treatment – and found you. So THANK YOU. The trick is to distract my mind before it becomes an actual panic attack. It helps me to know that I am normal and that it will get better. So thanks again for your site and your experience. “... By: Vega

… “Hi Martin, It’s great that someone is sharing their experiences … for better or worse. It gives hope to others who are in the same situation. Keep up the good work! “ By: Anne Marie

… “Hi Martin, Thanks for all your help. I have benefited greatly from your advice and the tools your provided to deal with an abuser in my life. It is good to know someone who can give new ideas and help. Thank you again. “... By: Laila